2023 Duck Race Info

Awards for 2023

Fastest Duck: Subway – Algoma – this duck was truly fast, completing the course in about 14 minutes.  The Tilted Tulip was second fastest. The third fastest was Byrne Tool & Design.

2023 Fastest Duck - Subway Algoma

2023 Fastest Duck – Subway Algoma

Prettiest Duck (all proceeds go to Hand2Hand): The Tilted Tulip ($120).

2023 Prettiest Duck – The Tilted Tulip

Slowest Duck: Altr’d Thread Co (it completed the course in right at 37 minutes).

Most Popular Duck: Choice One Bank (3091 votes).

2023 Most Popular Duck - Choice One Bank

2023 Most Popular Duck – Choice One Bank

Thank you everyone for participating!  It was a great time at Start of Summer. We really enjoyed seeing all of you at our booth and at the race!

View the 2023 Decorated ducks HERE.

2023 Most Popular Duck – Current Vote Totals (voting ended June 7th)

Choice One Bank wins the Most Popular Duck Trophy 2023 with 3091 votes. Congratulations!! Thank you everyone for participating! Please visit our float at Start of Summer to see the Most Popular Duck and its trophy!

2023 Duck Race Sponsors

Thank you to all of our 2023 Duck Race Sponsors!