2024 Duck Race Info

The Jim Tol Memorial Big Daddy Duck Race took place on June 15th at 5 p.m. at the dam in downtown Rockford. We collected the ducks in Richardson-Sowersby park.  Everyone had a great time watching the event.  Thank you for making it a great year for ducks!

The Prettiest Duck trophy went to Great Lakes Hospital for Animals.  We don’t have the final total of money we will donate to Hand2Hand yet.  It will be a good amount and go to feeding hungry children in Rockford and surrounding area. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Before Start of Summer look for the ducks in windows of downtown businesses as participants vie for the “Most Popular Duck in Rockford” trophy.  Online voting was held from June 3rd to June 7th.  The results are shown below. Come to our booth at Start of Summer to see the “Most Popular Duck” (Dependable Fire).

Awards for 2024

Fastest Duck: The Re/Max United duck was the fastest duck to the finish line this year. Congratulations!

Re/Max United Duck – Fastest for 2024!

Prettiest Duck (all proceeds go to Hand2Hand): Congratulations to the Great Lakes Hospital for Animals duck!  They collected over $50 in voting money on Friday and Saturday!  That is awesome.

Great Lakes Hospital for Animals – Prettiest Duck 2024!

Slowest Duck: Edward Jones – Chris Carlson.  The water was low, and this last place finisher took over 45 minutes to reach the finish line.  However, the duck did finish so that is awesome!

Edward Jones – Chris Carlson – Slowest Duck 2024

Most Popular Duck: Dependable Fire Protection (4086 votes!).  That is almost 1000 more votes than last year’s winner. Wow!

Dependable Fire Protection – 2024 Most Popular Duck

Thank you everyone for participating!

View the 2024 Decorated ducks on this PAGE.

2024 Most Popular Duck – Final Vote Totals (voting ended June 7th)